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If you suspect that there's a water line leak at your home or business in the greater Atlanta area, you won't go wrong by turning to Atlanta Plumbing & Drain Company to manage the necessary repairs. We have a history in this region that goes back to 2005, and we offer around-the-clock responses to handle emergencies as well as conveniently scheduled appointments. We are here to address routine repairs and maintenance through reliable water line repair in Atlanta, GA, and neighboring areas.

Common Causes of Water Line Issues

Water lines can develop leaks due to property settling and deterioration of the sealing material used to make pipe connections. Buried lines may be compressed by overburden or shift due to natural soil movement while pipes inside a building can become damaged during remodeling work. Corrosion also causes pipelines to break down over time.

Signs of Water Line Damage

The most obvious indicator of a damaged water line is the appearance of puddles or water damage on walls, ceilings, and flooring as well as in areas outside the structure. Reduced water pressure, distant dripping noises, peeling paint, and unexplained mold growth also point to possible water line problems.


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