Leak Detection

Need Professional Leak Detection in Atlanta, GA, or a Nearby Area? We Can Help!

Whenever your home's water bills are suddenly higher than normal or you notice standing water near a pipe or fixture, a call to Atlanta Plumbing & Drain Company may be in order. Our staff has extensive experience tracking down leaks wherever they occur, and we're available to respond to your location at any hour of the day or night. Professional leak detection in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas is among the things we do best!

The Many Advantages of Our Leak Detection Services

Water leaks never fix themselves, and timely detection and repairs are critical to avoiding mold growth, damaged sheetrock, buckled walls and flooring, foundation erosion, and other problems. In addition to averting costly property damage, prompt leak remediation can prevent water waste and head off unnecessarily high utility bills.

The Leak Detection Process

Upon arriving at your location, our personnel will consult with you about the problems you've noticed and examine any visible signs that might point to a leak. We'll then utilize a device that measures sound waves or that detects pressure differences to determine if a leak is present. If we do find a leak, we'll follow up with professional repair services to eliminate the problem for good.


Frequently Asked Questions

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